Hello, and welcome to my Dr Who fansite and collective! I have no affiliation whatsoever with anyone or anything who is part of the "Dr Who" Tv series, etc. This is just a bit of fun, somewhere to put fanlistings I've joined and so on. It's not a blog, just an old-fashioned website from an old-fashioned Dr Who fan.

My first Doctor was number 2, played by Patrick Troughton. I only have vague memories of him; I seem to remember the cybermen terrified me and gave me nightmares. And yes, I actually watched it from behind the sofa, or outside, watching through the living room window! Apart from Doctor 2, my favourite is number 9, who was played by Christoper Eccelston. Though sadly, he only appeared in one season of 13 episodes.

I grew up with Doctor Who and have loved every incarnation. I'm rather proud to be of the generation who knew the old style Doctor, before the programme was "rebooted" for the 21st century. I am also a fan of The Sarah Jane Adventures and, though to a lesser extent, Torchwood. The Cybermen are still my favourite villans though I have a soft spot for the Daleks as well!