February 20 2016: The site is getting a complete reboot. And all of my fanlsitings, except one, having closed, I'm hoping to get at least some of them back.

March 16 2014: All sorts of updates have been going on! I nearly let this domain drop, but I renewed it at the last minute. I've added some new fanlistings and sorted out the joined page as well.

August 28 2012: Those three upcoming episodes are finished and have been added to the owned page.

June 8 2012: The site needed a summer-clean as I'd opened a handful of fanlistings. I have three on upcoming, all episodes!

March 16 2012: I did join lots of fanlistings! I also started some and now I have three "listed" fanlistings and two cliques. I'm hoping to get some more. So I've started a page to link to the ones I do have.

February 21 2012: Just putting this all together. I've sorted out a home for the site, now I just have to get the main pages finished and I can upload it all. And join fanlistings, lots of fanlistings!